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Ck2 trade post strategy

ck2 trade post strategy

The tributary will also break free if the current ruler is overthrown (e.g. While they also can use the pagan county conquest CB regardless of religion, non-pagan nomads can only use this CB on other nomads and tribals. Adventurers edit Main article: Adventurers Landless claimants to a title may declare their intention to press their claim and recruit an army. Jains do not have any cinckiarz forex type of religious war. If the target title changes hands (whether due to another claim war or any other reason the claim war will continue against the new controller! The specific locations can be found on the religion tab, as well as the tracker for moral authority.

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Holy orders and religious heads can never be targeted, regardless of religion. Higher tier characters cannot use this. Special edit Imperial Reconquest edit A super-powered CB available only to the restored Roman Empire. Establish tributary edit On success, the defender becomes a Nomad Tributary, a type of tributary that pays 50 tax and grants the suzerain.3 monthly prestige. Cannot be used against patricians in the same realm if you have 2 or more trade posts more than they. The Military Warehouse buildings in a patrician 's Family Palace give 200, 400 and 600 retinue cap. You must either control a neighboring county or one at most two sea zones away. Human-controlled Sunni realms are much less likely ck2 trade post strategy ( mtth 10x greater) to be targeted. On a white peace, you lose 100 prestige, and the defender gets 50 prestige with a further 50 being divided among the defender and any allies.

Retinues - Crusader Kings II Wiki

Spalato (Split) The attacker gains the target trade post (e.g. Seize Coastal ck2 trade post strategy City - you're only getting one barony-level title out of this. Can only be used after getting a special "opportunity". Germanic holding land in the target de jure duchy (e.g. If it doesnt wind up being among my very favourite games of the year, spectacular things will occur in the next ten months. Also adds Holy Orders for all faiths alongside new Events. Vassalized rulers will get a 40 "Subjugated" opinion buff towards their new liege. There are several ways to find minor holdings you do not control: Zooming in and looking for extra shields Clicking a county and checking whether each holding's upper-right coat of arms is yours Using the "Independent States". It is also possible to get an opportunity at random. Religious Liberation edit Liberates a kingdom that has provinces of your religion. The Reformed pagan version of the CB is more specific, requiring that a vassal match the exact religion of their liege. Humiliate edit Used against another nomad to steal 300 prestige and 25 of their population.

ck2 trade post strategy

Nomadic and tribal rulers get special opinion bonuses with their vassals after winning this kind of war. Force Open China edit Used against the Western Protectorate to force China to end an Isolationist policy and resume trade through the silk road. The realm will also be forced onto enatic succession and full status of women (unless the new ruler's religion uses the semi-opposing equality dogma). "Shirazian Peasant Revolt appear in rebellious provinces not meeting either of the above criteria. The Eastern religions and Eastern Christians (Orthodox, Miaphysite and Nestorian) are the only religions without a Great Holy War of any kind. County/Duchy/Petty Kingdom of Cornwall) The defender abdicates in favour of his heir Attacker adj Conquest of Target Abbasid Conquest of Damascus Muslim county conquest A realm ruled by a Muslim (e.g. The attacker's religion gets 3 moral authority for 30 years. You cannot press claims for women against agnatic titles. This requires balancing sometimes conflicting interests. A suzerain cannot declare war on their tributaries. It costs 300 prestige.

Holdings - Crusader Kings II Wiki

(The defender can call in allies in both cases.) On the other hand, a faction war lets you conspire with fellow vassals (making them temporarily your vassals for the duration of the war, making the war effort more coordinated). County Conquest - costs piety; can only be pressed one county at a time Seize County - you've already got one barony in this county, but this gives you the other 2/3rds. The duchy pairs are visible in the Regions interface and listed below: CB Target duchies Kingdom gained if all target duchies are gained Reconquest of Leon Len and Asturias Kingdom of Len or Asturias (whichever is non-titular) Reconquest of Castille. These include Theocracies (such as The Papacy holy orders, mercenaries, and republics. On a white peace, the attacker loses 5 authority and 100 piety while the defender gets.5 authority, 200 prestige and 100 piety. If the rebel clan is sucessful, they will become a vassal khan, their capital being the county they emerged from, and they also gain any counties they occupied.

If someone holds territory outside the target kingdom, they cannot be vassalized; their titles within the target kingdom are usurped instead. A character may form this state after the war for the price of 500 prestige and 300 gold. This targets the person rather than his or her title(s on victory, the targeted rival is imprisoned by the victor, but no territory changes hands. De Jure wars edit When you are the de jure liege of a title but not its de facto controller, you can press a "de jure claim" to gain control. War Name ended inconclusively (Realm Peace is enforced in the realm) Conclave only. Be aware that armies from all over can show up to participate in a crusade, and the 4,000-man stack you are so proud of can be wiped out by the sudden appearance of a 10,000 killer army. This may also happen in the event of a Tributary war or Free Captives war if the defender surrenders by decision. This CB cannot vassalize any religious head such as the Pope even you target the only duchy he has.

ck2 trade post strategy

Claim edit, if you have a personal claim upon a title in a realm, you can push this claim to usurp the title. City conquest edit A republic-only CB added in patch.09. These quests can have great rewards, and a savvy member of a warrior lodge can use their ill-gotten gains to quickly build up their holdings infrastructure. Upon winning, the person you were pushing the claim for will gain this title and their opinion of you will increase by 100. Retinues can be recruited from the military tab, and there you can find the various types of units you can recruit, and the associated costs with each unit. Successful crusades can have a chaotic impact on the map! If all named duchies are gained, the associated kingdom is gained as well. If a retinue unit is completely wiped out (i.e. Top-level titles are destroyed and any other duke titles held by the defender are usurped. Minor holdings in occupied counties are also usurped.

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As with Holy Wars, neighbors of the target who share their religion can (and very likely will) join in defense. Otherwise, it costs 500 prestige and can only be used once every 100 years. This invalidates the CB, ending the war inconclusively. Instead, they can use Nomad invasion when ck2 trade post strategy their population is 75 of its maximum and at least 30000. Retrieved 25 November 2017. 7 Release and reception edit Reception A demo was released on February 4, 2012, which featured four playable characters over a 20-year span. Reconquista edit Iberian Christian rulers may use the "Prepare Reconquest War" decision to unlock special CBs targeting pairs of duchies. Can only be used by non-nomadic rulers.

Crusader Kings II - Wikipedia

If defender and target are the same, the defender isn't mentioned Welsh Ducal War for Duke David's claim on Devon. 1, contents, gameplay edit, the game is a dynasty simulator where the player controls a, medieval dynasty from 1066 to 1453, though the. Expanding your realm outside your de jure borders using claims can be tricky: unless they're of your dynasty, a landless claimant to such a title will become independent when you win their war. You must have a claim on the target's primary title or a smaller realm than the target. The targeted kingdom must be bordering or within two sea zones. This allows you to obtain one county or ducal claim per 100 piety (or 50 piety with papal investiture). With the kingdom or duchy title and the nickname "The Liberator." Religious rebels (e.g.

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On success, you gain the target trade post; on failure, you pay reparations. Tribal retinues do not require. When the consequences are so human they mean all the much more and this is probably the most human strategy game Ive ever played. Without the Conclave DLC, crown authority is lowered two steps. This requires a county in the target kingdom, a border, or being at most two sea zones away. In addition, the Moral Authority of the attacker's religion increases by 20 for 20 years, and 500 piety and 1000 prestige are divided among all participants by their percentage contribution, while ck2 trade post strategy the loser loses 100 piety and his religion 20 moral authority. 4 Sunset Invasion 15 November 2012.08 The main feature of Sunset Invasion is the fictional invasion of more technologically advanced Aztecs, from the late 13th century onwards to the end of the game alongside a new religion and culture unique to them. Buddhists must spend 250 piety to use this. The attacker must be Christian or Hellenic, and the defender must not be Muslim. You Can Play it Right Now". Forced concubinage ends and marriages are annulled (with characters in the same realm). Strong holdings are the ultimate key to success.

On success, vassalizes the county if possible and usurps it otherwise. On failure, the attacker loses prestige and must pay heavy reparations. By default only Christians have excommunication, and only if their particular denomination currently possesses a religious head. The retinue cap is given by the formula: Retinue cap (Rank * RealmHoldings BuildingBonus) * (1.5 * MilitaryOrganizationTech) * (1 UnreformedGermanicBonus) where: Rank is 2 for Counts, 3 for Dukes, 4 for Kings and 5 for Emperors. It was released for, microsoft Windows on February 14, 2012.

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If the target dies, the invasion claim disappears. "Crusader Kings 2's Game of Thrones mod update lets you feast on new scenarios Mods, News". An army of light infantry is best for carpet sieges and discouraging rebellion, since it is the cheapest per soldier. So while the drawbacks of heresy are severe (-30 opinion with all non-heretics, and increased rebel risk the advantages when it comes to expansion are huge. (Unfortunately, both of these require having more than half of its de jure counties already, so you'll have to find some ck2 trade post strategy way to get hold of those.) In addition, after pushing a claim for a duchy, you'll often have de jure claims. Sometimes used by China when a player attempts to intimidate China into opening the silk road.

A character may only use this CB once in their lifespan, except with the "Become King" ambition, which allows unlimited usage within the capital's de jure kingdom. Followers of some religions, such as the varieties of paganism, are not confined by this and can wage war on whoever they wish - though they risk holy war if they push conquest for the sake of it too far. A b c d "CK2 Dev Diary #49: Mods and mod telemetry". This frequently happens when attacking rebelling vassals when their rebellion ends. Norse, Frankish and Norman nobles without any claims may also attempt to conquer a coastal duchy. 11 Kotaku named the game as one of their game of the year nominees. This means that titles that can be vassalised are vassalised, and all the others are gained. Usable if you or your vassal patrician control a trade post in the province.

(Fate of lands in the target kingdom held by defender's subsidiaries who also hold land outside the target kingdom unknown.) Religion adj Crusade/Jihad/Great Holy War for Target Catholic Crusade for Jerusalem Crusade Head of the religion (e.g. Your children will have the claim and you can then push. Kingdom of Wales) Attacker adj Invasion of Target Abbasid Invasion of Jerusalem Invasion (Muslim) A Muslim ruler (e.g. Install Khagan edit A khan can use this CB to replace his liege as khagan. Caliphal Subjugation edit Once every 10 years, Muslim caliphs may attempt to subjugate a Muslim de jure kingdom of the same denomination. War name ended inconclusively Without further explanation, this probably means the war was a faction or plot war and the leader died. First, the easiest type of CB to gain are claims. Both realms must be independent, have 200 realm size, be non-nomadic, and be at least king tier. As wars for independence, these wars have ticking warscore in favor of the attacker as long as the attacker controls all their holdings.

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The pope joined by other rulers of that religion A realm (e.g. The Old Gods.10 Adds a new 867 AD start date and makes pagans playable with their own unique mechanics. They also have a monthly maintenance cost and can be expensive while reinforcing back to ck2 trade post strategy full strength. Buddhist county conquest edit Buddhists can attempt to vassalize a single county from another religion group or from Taoist. The invasion begins in a random realm province with a very large army appearing.