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Trade union renewal strategies

trade union renewal strategies

This included an information and awareness-raising campaign targeted at members, employers, politicians and the public at large, as well as a recruitment campaign of temporary agency workers. Canada has a rich history of labour internationalism. Minimum membership thresholds for the formal best jobs for mums working from home recognition of representation provide a powerful incentive to invest in organising initiatives, with a view to meet such requirements. While young workers and migrants show lower union density levels almost in every country covered by this study, the integration of women in European trade unions presents different characteristics. An example of this approach was reported in Slovenia, where, in October 2008, the Trade Union of the Maribor Region knss (Sindikat mariborske regije knss Neodvisnost, SMBr-knss ) started a campaign to increase membership in unionised workplaces by direct contacts with workers. How he dealt with these challenges and how successful. Calculating the recent trend and normalised situation of union representation for each country provides a rough picture of the overall situation of trade union representation.

Trade union renewal in central and eastern europe - conference in wroclaw

In 2001, ÖGB launched a gender mainstreaming plan, and in 2006 it committed to trade union renewal strategies proportional representation of women in all of its bodies. For instance, the Observatory and Institutions Network for the Empowerment of Economic Migrants and Refugees in the Labour Market was created in the context of the equal Community Initiative by a project which ran in 20052007. Other network-based initiatives to organise migrant workers have been carried out in Norway, notably in the construction sector, and in Slovenia, by contacting migrant workers directly at their workplaces. In three of the four Nordic countries Denmark, Finland and Sweden the recent decline in union density has been linked, particularly by the trade unions, to changes in the union-administered unemployment benefit system, the so-called Ghent system. In general, all types of initiatives can be simultaneously present in each of the countries covered by this study. The outcome is a high and rising level of productivity, and an altogether easier climate in which management can plan for changes in products and processes Dedication to the company and its ideals goes one step further when.

Since both indicators have been normalised, positive values indicate above average trade union representation; this corresponds to a union density level above the simple average.5 and recent developments above the overall negative average trend. With a similar objective, trade unions in the Netherlands have launched solely internet-based union services. With the support of the Friedrich Ebert Foundation, YF21 has developed initiatives to establish networks of experts on youth and labour issues, as well as of young trade unionists to strengthen their skills and position in the trade unions. In April 2008, a major national conference was held to address the issue of trade unions future, entitled Trade unions in the 21st century: Retreat or renewal. This was the case in Malta where trade unions addressed the issue of migrant workers with the help trade union renewal strategies of the Italian Cgil confederation. The latter type of organising strategy basically evokes the importance of collective representation of workers in terms of the protections and advantages that trade union activities can grant. Much more evident, for instance, is the investment in organising initiatives made by trade unions in the United Kingdom (UK) or, to a greater extent, in the United States (US due to the need in the latter. Long-term trends, an important data source regarding the basic characteristics of industrial relations systems in advanced economies is the. Moreover, the growth of the informal economy is considered as contributing to increased difficulties in unionisation. Moreover, IG Metalls commitment to undertake negotiations with company management was conditional on the workplace being well organised.

Trade union strategies to recruit new groups of workers Eurofound

Moreover, these conditions are frequently combined with other variables, such as gender and nationality; for instance, women and migrant workers are sometimes associated with lower than average unionisation rates, mostly because they are concentrated in certain economic sectors and are often employed under atypical contracts. It included visits at shopping centres in the three cities and the creation of a website devoted to young workers to provide information and advice, and a forum to discuss issues relevant to their work and workplaces. Membership is the most evident form of trade union support, and it usually is a precondition for more demanding involvement in union activities, such as engaging in representation roles and taking up executive positions. Understandably, a small erosion of union membership and density may be of limited significance if union density levels are above 70 in a country. Of these countries, only Belgium has confirmed this growing trend in recent years. Moreover, the selection of trade union initiatives reported in each EU Member State and Norway should not be considered as representative of the whole set of organising activities. In addition to these strategic considerations, union membership validates claims to representation and constitutes the formal base for being recognised as the collective representative of labour interests. The trade unions also campaigned with success against the Law on trade union renewal strategies foreign people, claiming that illegal migrant workers should be granted full trade union rights ( ES0802019I ). However, this trend has not resulted in a significant debate on union membership in Cyprus, even if there is a widespread consensus on the difficulties to organise workers in both certain sectors of activity and specific groups of workers. Advertisements: The following points highlight the three main basic strategies of trade union to raise wages of its members. Milkman,., and Voss,., editors, Rebuilding Labor: Organizing and organizers in the new union movement, Ithaca (N.Y. Young people LO organises a special event devoted to young workers, the Summer Patrol. At present, local branches have been set up in almost all of the countrys academic organisations and membership reached 3,500 members in 2007, up from only 100 members in 2001.

This was recently the case when the trade unions campaigned for a referendum to amend the Constitution. The impact of neoliberal globalization on workers and on their communities has become well-known. This situation remained unchanged until August 2008, when a reform introduced new rules for union representativeness to be implemented by 2012 (. As can be seen through this chain of events the traditional base of trade unionism had disintegrated, hailing criticism that trade unionism is no longer relevant to this new workplace, criticisms that were supplemented by a falling membership and a weakened bargaining base. In Hungary, this usually happens when workers are dissatisfied with their pay and working conditions, and demand the intervention of trade unions. For instance, young workers are often employed under non-standard employment contracts and often in private services. Among the central and eastern European countries, the issue of union membership has been discussed to a greater extent in Bulgaria, the Czech Republic, Hungary and Poland. Services and benefits zsss introduced a Benefit card ( Kartica ugodnosti ) in 2006 which grants all members a number of benefits in the form of discounts on shopping and services. The organising drive was initiated in late 2008 and particularly aimed at young workers in three main cities, notably Stockholm, Gothenburg and Malmö. In fact, even if trade unions prefer to highlight rather the increase in membership than the decline in union density, there is a clear awareness of the problems facing trade unions.

The levers of membership are different in each case: individual participation and involvement in network-based approaches, individual benefits in interest-based strategies, category representation in group-based initiatives, and the effectiveness of trade union action in activity-based organising. However, in recent years, the trade unions have invested in resources to retain and attract members. 1(b) shows, profit-maximizing employers will now hire fewer workers at a higher wage rate obtained by exercising their collective bargaining power. The closer to the upper right corner, the stronger appears the national union representation system. In 20062006, Cyprus Workers Confederation (, SEK ) carried out an information campaign focused on women. It established a National Organising Strategy in 2004 with 100 dedicated organisers. IT Freelance workers and atypical jobs A number of associations have been set up and been integrated into the major trade union confederations to provide interest representation to freelance workers, as well as workers in atypical forms of employment.

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So far, migrant workers have attracted most of trade unions attention, as unions are concerned about the working conditions of migrants and the possibility that migrants may constitute a second-tier, lower-protected labour market. EE General campaigns In 2005, Confederation of Estonian Trade Unions (Eesti Ametiühingute Keskliit, eakl ) conducted a street campaign in nine cities to inform people about the activities of the trade union and establish first contacts with potential trade union renewal strategies members. NO Migrant workers The Norwegian United Federation of Trade Unions ( Fellesforbundet ) started an initiative targeting migrant workers in the construction sector in response to information that these workers may have sub-standard employment and working conditions. Trade union membership remains lower in the private sector than in the public sector (67 compared with 86 in 2008 as well as for lower-educated workers and for workers with a foreign background. Young people zsss, through its sectoral affiliates, seeks to set up Committees for young people ( Odbori za mlade ) in unionised workplaces as a way to further the involvement of young workers in trade union activities. PL Economic sectors nszz Solidarno and KP have developed organising initiatives in the retail sector, especially through direct contacts with workers at workplaces and taking advantage of the fact that shops are open to the public.

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On the one hand, trade union membership levels of women have significantly improved in recent years, such that the gap between male and female membership rates has narrowed considerably. The initiative included the distribution of information on trade union activities and services in workplaces and schools, sometimes responding to workers request for assistance in non-union companies. Trade unions in Belgium already included migrant workers in their organising campaigns in the 1960s and shortly afterwards they also targeted women, while they have integrated young people in such group-based organising initiatives since the 1980s. Trends in Indian trade unionism are evident from the emergence of independent and affiliated plant-level unions, which compete. Functions AND roles OF trade unions: changing patterns Trade unions are a legitimate system for organising workers. Database on Institutional Characteristics of Trade Unions, Wage Setting, State Intervention and Social Pacts (ictwss Database set up and maintained at the Amsterdam Institute for Advanced Labour Studies ( aias ) of the University of Amsterdam, under the responsibility of Professor Jelle Visser. In addition, the trade unions also tried to improve the employment conditions and purchasing power of workers in non-standard forms of employment ( ES0707049I ). In Greece, the late 1970s and 1980s marked a small increase in union density, which then started to slowly decline in the early 1990s. Trade union organisations with lower union density may counterbalance this with an established integration in social dialogue structures, as it was reported for some central and eastern European trade union renewal strategies countries. This initiative will be the basis for a campaign targeted at all self-employed workers, regardless if they were trade union members previously. In the UK, trade union membership and density followed a similar pattern, even in the 1960s and 1970s, with no apparent influence of the demise of multi-employer collective bargaining in the 1980s. Certainly, the backing of trade union initiatives can extend far beyond membership; the most significant manifestation of such backing can be found in industrial conflict, notably strikes, which can involve and often do involve workers who are not union members. References Blaschke,., Union density and European integration: Diverging Convergence, in European Journal of Industrial Relations, Vol.

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For more details on specific countries, readers should refer to the individual national reports. The support of external trade union federations and confederations is therefore crucial to overcome the frequent resistance by employers. For instance, more than a third of the collective agreements on the application of the Law on the 35-hour week introduced in 1998 were signed by mandated workers. More generally, collective bargaining was extended to cover topics such as working time and worklife balance, non-discrimination and equal treatment in access to training and professional promotion, employment security by limiting the use of temporary employment contracts, and work-related health risks. 6 pages, 2575 words, renewal or Replacement A reevaluation of Trade Union Responses. Such an analysis will help to assess the varying relevance of the strategies implemented in each national case. However, the affiliation of workers cannot be taken for granted, even if employees individually benefit from or appreciate the outcomes of trade union actions in terms of higher wages and improved job security, to name a couple of possible results. In Finland, the decrease in union density has been associated with the launch of an independent unemployment fund in 1992. In order to understand the differences between the various initiatives implemented by trade unions with the aim of increasing their membership base, it is possible to distinguish two important dimensions (Table 4 the level, at which the initiative. However, trade unions institutional recognition, trade union renewal strategies and also their role in regulating the labour market and, more generally, the economy, do not seem to be weakening.

Therefore, the extensive institutional support of industrial relations is far from being regarded as isolating social partner organisations from membership developments and seems to be considered as firmly rooted in worker representation and highly dependent on it for its legitimacy. As already outlined, a trade union renewal strategies number of factors can influence membership levels and trends. For collective organisation to infringe upon managerial prerogative in order to defend and advance workers terms and conditions. With a view to increase the membership of young workers and prepare a generational renewal of the trade unions, the Bulgarian trade union confederation citub set up the Youth Forum 21st Century (YF21) in 1999, which was registered as a non-governmental organisation (NGO). The centres provide a number of information services in the fields of labour legislation and social security, legal advice and assistance, support jobseekers in job search activities and help identify individual training paths. Since the 1980 s academia and professionals alike have been picking at the bones of discussion regarding the decline of Trade Unions, their strategies of survival and issuing prescriptions as to the most suitable form trade unionism can take. Specific groups of workers In recent years many trade unions have launched organising activities, focusing on certain groups of workers.

Renewal, or Replacement A Reevaluation Of, trade, union, responses

In extension and, to some extent, response to this business and managerial trends were being heavily influenced by both the presence of and the success of international companies who were utilising new management techniques. Moreover, the union commitment to undertake negotiations with company management was conditional on the workplace being well organised. This type of campaign is occasionally launched in all of the countries under examination; examples of such campaigns were reported in the case of Denmark, Finland, Malta, the Netherlands, Spain, Sweden and Slovakia. National organising targets are developed into a strategic plan by the central organising department. The main aims of Japanese practices is best described by White and Trevor (1983) in that they aim to create: a stable workforce with a high level of commitment to the company: extremely cooperative in accepting change, extremely. The reevaluation of union strategies will involve a critical analysis of both set criteria, prescriptions of moderation and a reconsideration of militancy.

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Incentives Incentives for new members have included lotteries, reduced entry membership fees, and prizes for members recruiting new members. Meanwhile, within LO, there has been a growing debate over the integration of migrant workers among trade union members and officers, since the level of migrant employment has been increasing in key sectors and occupations organised. Recruiting new members and extending the reach of union representation seem to feature high on the agenda of trade unions, as special resources are being mobilised for this purpose. Another area of the labour market which has captured the attention of Polish trade unions is self-employment, especially in the road haulage and construction sectors. These initiatives only showed limited results and no substantial changes occurred in the declining trends in union density, even if the pace of decline was slowed down and union membership has remained stable. Thus if a union can successfully reduce the supply of labour, higher wage rates will automatically result. Overall, membership is the basic source of people engaged in union activities, funds to finance such activities, formal recognition as representative organisations and strategic effectiveness. Since this is a kind of last resort initiative by employees, when other informal conciliation attempts have failed, it usually involves conflict. Trade sector Handels started the initiative Commercial Employees Unions drive in large cities ( Handels storstadssatsning ). Professionals The initiative Transform the trade union now ( Facket Förändras nu ) was started by the Swedish Confederation of Professional Employees (Tjänstemännens Centralorganisation, TCO ) and involved all affiliated organisations. The national debate has mainly focused on atypical forms of employment and the capacity of trade unions to represent workers with non-standard employment contracts.